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STOP! Harvard Medical School Found A Link Between Sleep Deprivation And Premature Death

“I Got Fired From My Job, Got Divorced, Ruined My Relationship With My Kids, and Almost Lost My Life — All Because Of My Insomnia!”

… If you have insomnia or any kind of sleeping problem, this is the most important letter you will ever read today…

Are you sick and tired of waking up every morning feeling tired and sluggish?

Do you ever feel as if only a miracle could give you 7 long hours of uninterrupted sleep at night?

Of all the people you’ll talk to today, believe me when I tell you that I’m the one who most certainly gets it.

I know what it feels like to twist and turn for hours every night, trying to get into the “right”, comfortable position to no avail…

To search for the best and even the craziest ways to induce sleep…

From drinking warm milk or tea, reading a book, making the bedroom as cozy as possible, to listening to ASMR videos, counting breaths, and banning mobile devices two hours before bedtime.

Still, none seems to work.

Another week, month, and year passes with no results and no changes.

You’re still an insomniac who’s trapped in your own hellish agony.

And to make things even worse, your lack of sleep affects other areas of your life too.

Your health, relationships, and even your performance at work are getting compromised, whether you know it yet or not.

I know what you’re going through because I was just like you...

You see, with so many people, products, books, and articles offering the solution to sleep problems, it’s basically impossible to determine fact from fiction.

Literally over 60 million search results will come up if you look up “how to treat insomnia” on Google.

And I know for sure that you’ve put in the effort and tried some of these “solutions,” but you wouldn’t still be reading this if you’ve actually found one that worked for you, right?

It’s pretty clear when a solution to a sleep problem works because the results are supposed to be straightforward and quick.

But the problem is most of these so-called solutions are just plain ineffective and purely market-driven gimmicks.

So, ultimately, you’ve been wasting your money and your time. And you can get back neither of those two!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I felt like crap for so long because of my sleeping problems…

That is until I found the secret that led my life to take a 180-degree turn.

I found something that’s scientifically proven to work!

And I know this because it worked for me, someone who had insomnia for years.

Just like you, I was frustrated, but I did something about it and you’re going to love it.

In just a moment, I’m going to share with you the solution that completely changed my sleep quality and, ultimately, my life…for the best.

Trust me, the first time I tried it, I was flabbergasted but in a good way!

I stopped doing what the ‘pros’ told me to do… and this happened…

I Discovered The Fastest Way On Earth To Sleep Better WITHOUT Using Any Drugs!

Would you believe it?

I’ll tell you all about it in just a moment.

For now, let me share with you a very personal story—a story that ultimately brought me here today, talking to you.

The story goes just like this…

But wait, I totally forgot to tell you who I am.

My name is Joey Smith, a 48-year-old administrative assistant and a father of two beautiful girls.

See, for years, falling asleep was a very big struggle for me. It brought tremendous stress and frustration to me.

Clearly, I am no stranger to sleepless nights and tiring days.

I just know the struggle all too well.

My issues with sleep started about six years ago when my wife gave birth to our second child.

Of course, as a working dad with two kids, one of which was a newborn, it was quite inevitable to stretch myself too thin.

While that was one of the best memories of my life, I wouldn’t deny that it was also the most stressed out that I had ever been.

I would come home from my 9-to-5 job and I would have to stay up late taking care of the kids. And when we’re all sleeping soundly, one of them would bawl in the middle of the night, forcing me to get out of bed and calm them down because now the other baby’s crying too.

Then I’d wake up with less than 4 hours of sleep and get ready for work. And everything gets repeated again and again for months.

For good reason, I was desperate for a way to keep my energy and focus up.

So I resorted to coffee and energy drinks.

I think I had so much for so long that eventually, it became gradually difficult for me to fall asleep.

At first, I would just find myself trying to sleep for an hour or so and waking up every now and then.

But later on, the sleeping problem that I was having had gotten so severe that my doctor diagnosed me to be an insomniac.

By that time, I was only able to catch some snooze for 2 hours a night, sometimes even less than that.

It had gotten to a point where just looking at my bed caused me to break down because I badly wanted to sleep but I just couldn't.

Every time I’d lie down on my bed my eyes wanted to stay wide open and my mind would start racing…

Then I would begin to overthink and stress myself out with the wildest and most negative thoughts about myself and my life.

Worry starts to set in. I remember worrying mostly about the future.

And this would cause me to stay up until five in the morning and get an hour or so of sleep until the alarm sets off and it’s another day where I would feel like crap for 24 hours.

But this isn’t the worst part. No, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

My health, my happiness, and my overall quality of life began to deteriorate.

Other than feeling heavy and slow during the day, my immune system definitely plummeted.

There were more sick days than there were not-sick days.

I started struggling to fit in my regular clothes because I was gaining so much weight from my messed up metabolism and bottomless cravings, mostly for carbs.

And as I was hating what’s happening to my body, I also became more and more forgetful.

My memory started to decline…so bad that I had forgotten to pick up my son from school once.

It only happened one time because my wife got so angry at me that she never let me pick him up again.

What’s more is, that a month later I completely lost track of the date and forgot about our anniversary.

That’s not it, though. I also became a complete A-hole to basically everyone.

I became so irrational and moody. Everything just sparked a wildfire within me and I gained some haters and lost some friends because of it.

The worst part about the snappy behavior was that my kids stopped being fond of me because they saw how often I would shut their mommy down.

Of course, they didn’t understand that I didn’t really mean to do that…

That it was so difficult to control the emotions…

My wife tried her very best to stay patient and understanding, but later on, even our bedroom life got afflicted by my insomnia.

It slowly became difficult for me to get an erection and my libido just didn’t seem to come by.

Obviously, these things affected our marriage quite tremendously.

This is the part where people that I share this story to ask me if lack of sex was the reason my wife and I got a divorce.

The answer is no.

This was what really happened.

See, my wife and I are regular people with regular jobs and mortgages to pay, which means that neither of us can afford to be jobless.

But then one day, I was awakened by a call from my boss, telling me that I was fired because of almost a month of coming in for work at least an hour late.

I looked at the clock and I was three hours late for work. She said it was the last straw and that she didn’t understand how a once amazing employee became so irresponsible.

When I told this to my wife, she was outraged…and I completely understand why.

Two small kids with only one of us with a job really put our future in big trouble.

See, it’s not easy to find a new job that’s going to pay as much as my last job. Plus, the fact that I got fired at 40, who would hire me?

I could’ve gotten a job down the road but when was that going to be?

By this time, my wife had enough.

She looked me in the eyes and, with tears streaming down her face, told me she wanted a divorce and that she had been thinking about it for a while.

“It may take time for us to be able to pay for that divorce, but the kids and I will be staying at my sister’s for a while. I’m sorry ,Joe.”

I would’ve stopped her…the love of my life from leaving me with our kids…

But you see, right at that moment, I saw everything for the first time.

I used to be a loving, romantic husband who took my wife out for date nights, now I’m just an over-exhausted husband with a rude mood every day.

I used to be a fun kind of dad who played with my kids and read them bedtime stories, now I’m too tired and easily irritated that they refuse to come near me.

I used to be labelled as the employee-of-the-month, but now I either come in hours late for work or skip it altogether.

I used to be friendly and sociable, now my friends got tired of inviting me over because I kept saying I wanted to just stay home and rest.

Nothing about me was the same…

I used to be on top of the world, ready to take on everything life throws at me…but at that moment, I was at rock bottom.

I wasn’t happy with myself or my life. I felt like crap.

Imagine losing your job, your wife, and your kids at 40.

That wasn’t how I envisioned my life to be. I never dreamt for life to pass me by like that over a stupid sleeping problem.

It was the worst day of my entire life.

And if you think nothing can happen that will make things worse, I got into a car accident.

I was at the peak of hating my life at that point but looking back now, if that accident had not happened, I never would have gotten where I am today.

I had my first hospital visit in years and the doctor told me a shocking revelation about my health.

He did all kinds of tests, but really, he didn’t need to run anything to know I wasn’t sleeping much at all.

Although I didn’t have cancer or any extremely alarming health condition, I sure was on my way.

After the tests, the doctor warned me that my lack of sleep could lead to a slew of health problems and, and that if I didn’t do something about it as soon as possible, it would only get worse.

He explains, “Did you know that humans spend 1/3 of their lives sleeping? It’s a very, very important part of our lives. In fact, you’ll die quicker if you don’t sleep than when you don’t eat…”

Hold on, I know a lot of people claim that 3 to 4 hours of sleep is enough and fine.

But according to the doctor and my own research, this isn’t the case at all.

In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health, getting less than 7 hours a night of sleep can make a person more at risk for:

✔️Obesity and weight gain

✔️Cardiovascular disease

✔️Weakened immune system

✔️Memory loss

✔️Clouded judgement

✔️Poor mental function



Time and time again, healthcare professionals say that sleep is critical for memory and cognitive function.

Without enough and proper sleep, we won’t be able to focus our attention and learn new information efficiently.

Plus, since sleep is a crucial part of the neural connections in your brain that form memories, it becomes easier to forget things when we don’t get enough zzZs.

And as we get older, the risk of brain deterioration due to poor sleep gets even worse.

Not only that.

The National Institutes of Health warns that insomniacs are more likely to develop mental health problems, like depression, anxiety, mood swings, and paranoia.

If these make you worry already, let me tell you, these are just milder ones.

Insomnia can also lead to serious mental disorders such as mania, delirium, and psychosis, especially among older adults.

In addition to that, and this is the worst part, you can literally shorten your life expectancy by not getting enough proper sleep!

Listen, I’m not just saying this to raise alarm within you.           

See, an article from The Harvard Gazette reads:

“Now, Harvard Medical School (HMS) neuroscientists have identified an unexpected, causal link between sleep deprivation and premature death.”

Now, I was outright shocked and incredibly worried when I learned about this.

I didn’t sign up for that kind of life.

I was beyond depressed. All I could feel was hopelessness.

I was kind of glad my wife and kids weren’t with me anymore because I didn’t want them to see the guilt in my eyes after I had failed them completely.

I felt so worthless. I felt like a waste of space.

But after many nights of bawling and beating myself up, I decided to make a promise to myself:

“I will find a way out of this hellhole and redeem my life back. Starting today, I will dedicate my time to searching for the solution that will make me sleep like a baby again!”

Thank Heavens for the Internet, I was able to read practically every research article and book on the subjects of insomnia.

I scoured the online world and learned from the top pros the secrets of getting high-quality sleep every single night of a person’s life.

I discovered the missing link that’s keeping so many people from beating insomnia once and for all…and right now, I’m going to reveal what I found to YOU.

This is a product that is spreading like wildfire all over the country and the world…

As you’re reading this, hundreds of people are trying to get more for themselves…

You’re about to learn why.                              

This product allows people with sleeping problems like you and my past self to:

✔️     finally overcome the one thing that’s impeding greatness from your life—insomnia

✔️      sleep like an infant without ever waking up in the middle of the night

✔️      experience deep, quality sleep quick, easily, and without the help of any dangerous drugs

✔️      feel calmer and more energetic, ready to tackle the day

✔️      improve your performance at work and at home by boosting your alertness, concentration, and energy throughout the day

✔️      eost got me flipping thexperience a more positive outlook in life and effectively manage stress

What I’m about to share with you is the EXACT formula that brought me from rock bottom to mountaintops with regards to my sleep.

But before I tell you what it is, I feel a great need to undress one of the biggest lies that many “experts” and pharmaceutical companies have been feeding you with…

SHOCKING TRUTH: “Sleeping Pills” Do NOT Treat Insomnia…They Do More Harm Than Good!


I want to reveal to you the same revelation that almost got me flipping the table.

After you learn this, you’re going to be steaming with anger.

See, the truth behind beating insomnia is buried under piles and piles of LIES.

So many health “experts” and pharmaceutical companies would tell you that the only way to get quality sleep is if you RELY on alcohol or drugs, just like barbiturates.

Frankly, that’s loads of crap.

Millions of people around the world have fallen victim to this lie. For what? Those companies’ profit, of course!


You’ve been blaming yourself and feeling like crap because of your condition, not knowing that what your doctor has been prescribing you actually harms you more than it helps you…

So, really, it isn’t your fault that you haven’t gotten better…yet.

Don’t blame yourself for still having insomnia even after months or even years of taking medication that’s supposed to solve your problem.

For years and years, these pharmaceutical companies have been bombarding people with their lies, making us believe false information and misleading claims.

I was once a victim of these liars before myself!

Thankfully, my own research brought me to a place where I’m a lot smarter to believe their clever lies that trick millions all over the world.

And right now, so will you!

Truth: You Should Never Do OR Rely On Drugs Or Alcohol To Make Yourself Fall Asleep

I’m not bashing them just because I feel like it.

Hear this, drugs and alcohol will cause…

❌        Poor sleep

❌        Grogginess when you wake up

❌        Depression

❌        Addiction

❌        Possibly overdose and death

❌        Dizziness or lightheadedness

❌        Headache

❌        Gastrointestinal problems

❌        Severe allergic reaction

❌        Sleep-related behaviors

❌        Daytime memory and performance problems

They didn’t put all that on the label? Of course!

Who would want to buy their products if they told everyone the truth?

You should really do your own research, too, since you’re up all night anyway.

And trust me, you’re going to uncover subtle yet nasty lies that are going to make you swear against sleeping pills.

I felt obligated to tell you about the lies that you’ve probably subscribed to for years before I told you about the most powerful truth you’re going to learn today.

Let’s call it the “good news”, shall we?         

You’ve probably come to a point where you feel like you’ve run out of options, methods, and ideas that will help you achieve a good night’s sleep.

Then, one day, you stumbled upon this letter, and soon, you’re going to find that what I’m about to tell you finally makes everything make sense.

You’re about to discover one of the greatest secrets of sleep science…one that will finally fill in the gap that has kept you from getting quality sleep for years.

Keep in mind that even though I’ve been spreading the good news like wildfire to help people like you overcome insomnia, I was just like YOU…

The only difference between us is that I finally found the answer to the problem, which led me to a whole new life.

And today, it’s your turn to learn the good news and overcome insomnia yourself.

I’ve already gathered the facts for you. Now, all you have to do is read on because I’m so close to telling you a solution that I’m sure you’ve never tried before. And it’s going to be the last solution you’ll ever apply to your life because it’s going to be “it.”

But before that, I would like to introduce to you Dr. Kelly O’Brian.

Out of all the bogus “professionals” that I met with in search of an answer, Dr. Kelly was the only one who actually cared about me getting a better sleep experience.

See, Dr. Kelly has been an expert in her field for over 15 years, and she has worked with tons of different people—from regular people to celebrities and entrepreneurs who just can’t afford to have one sleepless night.

So, frankly, she’s the real deal.                      

And meeting her was such a Godsend to me and I do believe I was destined to come by her office that day.

You see, after so many nights of searching for the answer, I stumbled upon a product that appeared to have thousands of satisfied customers.

I read all their comments and they were pretty consistent.

People would say it improved their sleep quality the night after they took it for the first time.

Long-term users claimed that they never once experienced any side effects and that their doctors were shocked to see great improvements in their health in a short amount of time.

So, naturally, I was compelled to try it. But I wanted to make sure the product was actually up to par like what everyone has been saying.

So I decided to meet with Dr. Kelly, a doctor I actually trust, and I asked for her expert advice about the products that people are going crazy about.

We discussed the product together and she even did her own research because she said that the formula looked really promising and that it’s one that she had never heard of before.

Also, she noticed that patients were coming by to her office looking and feeling so much better, and when she would ask what they did, they would thank the same product over and over again.

Dr. Kelly, a professional doctor for 15 years, was STUNNED to see them effortlessly beating insomnia.

So… Let’s cut the chase…

What is this product that finally put an end to so many people’s sleeping problems?

Introducing Sleepalox—The Surefire Way To Reprogram Your Sleep Quality WITHOUT Taking Any Dangerous Drugs!

Sleepalox is the magic word all this time, yes!

This product is so amazing that it completely treated my sleeping problems so now whenever I lie down on my bed, it only takes 10-15 minutes for me to fall into slumber, which by the way is the ideal time.

✔️      It will help you sleep more easily, without relying on drugs like narcotics and sedatives.

✔️      It only contains organic ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about any dangerous side effects “sleeping pills” give, such as addiction.

✔️      It will help you to finally achieve “deep” sleep fast and easily.

✔️      It will reduce your stress and anxiety.

✔️      It will support your memory and cognitive function.

✔️      It will also improve your muscle recovery.

What is it about Sleepalox that makes all these possible?

What makes it work?        

Well, I’m going to tell you exactly why.

It’s because of its cutting-edge proprietary formula…

Everything in this formula just makes sense, and I’m going to share it all with you now.

Sleepalox’s Patent-Pending Formula Gives Millions Of People New Hope WITHOUT The Use Of Dangerous Drugs…

Sleepalox Ingredient #1 – Calcium Carbonate

The main role of calcium in helping beat insomnia is that it helps the brain manufacture the sleep-inducing substance called melatonin.

This is why when you eat dairy products, you suddenly feel like you need to crawl on your bed for a nap.

And that’s why your mother would always give you a glassful of warm milk before bedtime.

Other than that, research suggests that low calcium levels are linked with disturbed sleep patterns, making you wake up soon after falling asleep and make it difficult to go back to slumber.

So taking calcium directly affects and benefits your sleep, and what better way to encourage more natural melatonin than boosting its manufacturers?

Sleepalox Ingredient #2 – Vitamin B6

You might be wondering why of the 8 B vitamins there are, why B6?

Well, vitamin B6 is involved in a lot of functions in the body, such as your immune system and even your cognitive development and function. It actually aids the production of the hormones serotonin and melatonin, both of which are significant to sound, restful sleep and mood.

When it comes to peaceful sleep, it contributes to the appropriate functioning of the nervous system, calms anxiety, and helps to stabilize mood changes and overcome depression.

You see, the most common cause of insomnia is stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental conditions.

This justifies the important role of vitamin B6 in better sleep quality.

Sleepalox Ingredient #3 – Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium is another crucial mineral for sleep.

It has wide-ranging effects on the body and may affect some of the processes that promote sleep.

What it does is activates the parasympathetic nervous system, or simply the system that gets you feeling calm and relaxed.

It regulates neurotransmitters in the brain, sending signals through the nervous system and brain, while also regulating the hormone melatonin.

One of the neurotransmitters that it binds to is the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is responsible for shushing down nerve activity.

In a nutshell, magnesium calms the body and the mind, preparing your body and mind for sleep.

Sleepalox’s Sleep Formula Proprietary Blend

Sleepalox Ingredient #4 – L-Tryptophan

Tryptophan is an amino acid that is important in making proteins and other molecules in your body, including those that are essential for sleep and mood.

Surely, it has a significant impact on the brain.

Research has found that low levels of this amino acid is linked with mood disorders, like anxiety, aggression, and impulsiveness.

Furthermore, insufficient tryptophan may impair memory and learning.

Here’s the most amazing part. Tryptophan can convert itself into the molecule 5HTP, which then forms serotonin, an important hormone for optimal sleep and mood, as I’ve mentioned before.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once it has been converted into serotonin, it can also be converted into melatonin!

In short, you’re getting both serotonin and melatonin in one!

Sleepalox Ingredient #5 – Valerian

This herb native to Europe and parts of Asia is most commonly used for sleep disorders, especially insomnia, but it’s also used for anxiety and psychological stress.

It has been around in traditional medicine for at least 2,000 years and has helped millions of folks.

According to research, it may reduce the amount of time that it takes to fall asleep and also improve sleep quality and quantity.

In fact, one study in adults with insomnia found that just one dose of valerian helped them achieve deep sleep 36% faster!

Sleepalox Ingredient #6 – Goji (Wolfberry)

These small, red berries are not only high in antioxidants and nutrients, but and natural melatonin it also improves the quality of your sleep.

In traditional medicine, they have been used to treat emotional problems, like anxiety, which, again, impedes sleep.

Because goji berries are high in magnesium, thiamine, and natural melatonin, they can really help you focus, stay calm, and improve your sleep quality.

Sleepalox Ingredient #7 – Chamomile

Chamomile tea is very popular as a powerful remedy against inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia.

In fact, chamomile is known as a “mild tranquilizer” or a “sleep inducer.”

This is perhaps because it is loaded with an antioxidant called apigenin, which works in your brain and helps decrease anxiety and initiate sleep.

A study conducted on 60 nursing home residents found that those who took chamomile extract every day had experienced significantly better sleep quality than those who did not.

Sleepalox Ingredient #8 – Lemon Balm

This herb from the mint family is mainly used for anxiety, stress, insomnia, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

According to a 2004 study, taking lemon balm eased the negative mood effects of laboratory-induced psychological stress. Another study in 2014 found that lemon balm had positive effects on various aspects of mood, like reduced levels of anxiety.

Here’s more. Studies suggest that combining lemon balm with valerian may help relieve restlessness and sleep problems, like insomnia.

Sleepalox Ingredient #9 – Passion Flower

Studies suggest that passion flowers may help relieve anxiety and help treat insomnia.

It may help boost the level of GABA in the brain so that you become more relaxed and experience better sleep.

A trial published in Phytotherapy Research found that participants who took a daily dose of herbal tea with purple passion flower experienced improvements in their sleep quality.

It was also suggested in the said study that passion flower may help manage mild sleep irregularities.

Sleepalox Ingredient #10 – L-Taurine

Taurine isn’t as popular as the others on this list, but it does offer benefits for treating sleep issues.

It’s actually a wonder molecule that’s going to make you wonder why you’ve never heard of it before.

It is actually a naturally occurring compound in the body that activates GABA receptors in the brain, which then induces sleep and also manufactures melatonin.

Studies show that taurine acts as a sedative that helps calm anxiety and lessens the reactivity of stress, making it easier to combat insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Sleepalox Ingredient #11 – Hops

Other than being an ingredient in beer, hops, when combined with valerian, can relieve anxiety and disorders.

In fact, hob plants have a long history of use as an herbal treatment for insomnia.

Sleepalox Ingredient #12 – St. John’s Wort

This is a plant with yellow, star-shaped flowers that grow in Europe and other parts of the world.

It has been shown in research that taking extracts of this plant improves mood and decreases anxiety and insomnia related to depression.

In fact, it may be as effective in treating depression as many prescription drugs, but without the scary side effects.

Sleepalox Ingredient #13 – GABA

Yes, I’m talking about gamma-Aminobutyric acid.

Again, this naturally occurring chemical compound helps to relax your body and your mind and prepare you for sleep. It has also been found to reduce anxiety.

Sleepalox Ingredient #14 – Skullcap

This is a flowering plant in the mint family that has been used for centuries as a traditional Chinese medicine to treat insomnia and other health conditions.

In addition, it has been found in studies to be effective in treating conditions like insomnia and anxiety because it positively impacts GABA.

Sleepalox Ingredient #15 – L-Theanine

L-Theanine is another amino acid that is most commonly found in tea leaves.

It does a great job in easing anxiety and stress, and also increases your focus.

In addition, one study found that L-theanine greatly improved sleep in animals and humans. It was shown to reduce resting heart rate, making it beneficial for relaxation.

Sleepalox Ingredient #15 – Ashwagandha

This powerful and popular ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine

And a lot of scientific studies have shown that ashwagandha can reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. It may also help stimulate brain function and memory.

So ashwagandha may help you get better sleep directly and by lowering stress, which indirectly benefits sleep.

Sleepalox Ingredient #16 – Inositol

Inositol is a carbohydrate naturally found in your body.

It helps you sleep by reducing your anxiety and stress levels. It affects the processes that manufacture neurotransmitters, the molecules responsible for sending information within your brain.

So serotonin is one crucial neurotransmitter affected by inositol. As you already know, it impacts your behavior and mood.

Sleepalox Ingredient #16 – 5-HTP

A precursor for serotonin, which your body uses to control your mood, 5-HTP can help improve sleep disorders, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

Sleepalox Ingredient #17 – Melatonin

As mentioned before, melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that regulates your circadian rhythm and sleep cycle. Melatonin helps you relax and reduce your nerve activity so you can be prepared for sleep.

Picture this…

You FINALLY found the solution to your sleep.

You are FINALLY free from the frustrations and desperations you had experienced for a long time because of insomnia.

You can FINALLY lie down on your bed and fall asleep as quickly as 10 minutes and get 7 or more long hours of uninterrupted sleep.

FINALLY, you can redeem your health, relationships, and your life…

ALL these can happen to YOU as it happened to me.      

Sleepalox makes your dream an effortless reality…

The bottom line is you have 2 choices today:

Choice 1: Take all the information I just gave you, not do anything about it, and simply go back to your miserable relationship with sleep.


Choice 2: Take all the information I just gave you and decide for yourself that you’re going to give the good news a chance like most people choose to do to treat their insomnia once and for all...

You see, Sleepalox is the quickest, fastest, safest, and SMARTEST way to finally achieve sleep…

You don’t need narcotics or alcohol, remember that.

This is a solution that has helped me and thousands of people for years.

Countless men and women who had suffered from sleepless nights and poor energy, memory, and mood experienced healing from this amazing product.

And soon, it’s going to take the entire world by storm and eliminate insomnia for good.

Dear Victim of Insomnia,

I still remember the day I lost my job, wife, and kids and even my life over insomnia.

These were surely the worst parts of my life. And I don’t want you to go through it like I did.

So I already did the work for you. I scoured the Internet so you wouldn’t have to anymore. And frankly, Sleepalox was simply the one that worked for me so well that I never took any other sleep aid again.

So whichever choice you make today, choice 1 or choice 2, I hope that you achieve healing. I hope you get better.

And please, please, do not put your health and the ones around you at risk by taking narcotics and alcohol.

I know I will still choose Sleepalox if I had to choose once again.           

After all, Sleepalox is the only one in the market that I found to be…

✔️      Non-medicated

✔️      All-natural

✔️      Improves sleep quality

✔️      Improves mood

✔️      Lowers stress and anxiety levels

✔️      Promotes memory and brain function

✔️      Improves muscle recovery


✔️      It’s made in the USA

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